My paintings describe an environment built upon the concept of pliancy and adaptation. My choice to use a variety of both traditional and non-traditional Art materials is a reflection and expression of my own relationship to the world as a complex habitat for humans. Most, if not all of my materials I have collected, foraged or stumbled upon in my travels and time spent in nature. My mediums range from reclaimed house paint, herbs, teas, oil paint, Earth pigments, water, spices, dirt, fire, spray paint and epoxy resin on wood panel. My outcome is a hyper organic, dimensional image where organic material is both suspended and encased layer by layer under a glass like surface.

My wide range of mediums behave as an organic synthesis: a kind of recording device for places I have been which in turn catalyze into an alternate topographical environment of visceral memory. By layering both organic and non-organic materials one upon another, the painting changes and mimics natural happenings as materials rise and sink, crack and coalesce, become wet and dry, rupture and congeal –push or pull according to their nature.

I compose scenarios using fire, gravity and time allowing for a unique ‘ecosystem’ to arise within each piece. As I impose this contact and intimacy on my selected materials, they eventually transform into their own harmony.

As our world begins to re-align itself with environmental preservation and human preservation, I feel my work speaks to a new territory of alchemy and possibility.

Nicole Buffett



Nicole Buffett attended the San Francisco Art Institute with a BFA in 2002 and an MFA in 2004.

While completing her BFA in 2000, Nicole was granted an Independent study in Jaipur India. She interned for Anokhi, a reputable company committed to preserving the traditional dyeing of fabrics and wood block printing indigenous to the Northern region of India. In that 6-week experience of learning and witnessing the traditional textile process and living in rural India, Nicole found her love of organic pigments, materials and began to develop her relationship to mixed media and abstraction.

While completing her MFA at SFAI in 2004, Nicole studied under contemporary Chinese artist, Xu Bing and completed an Independent study with him where she explored traditional Chinese brushwork.

In the summer of 2007, Nicole was awarded a 2 month long residency at the JB Blunk Residency Program in Inverness California. While living in a 100-acre forest preserve on Gordon Onslow Ford’s property, Nicole began to develop, create and explore her own set of marks and formal techniques while painting in a natural setting. Because of this intensive period immersed and working in nature Nicole’s painting has become a complex system of her own formulaic mark.

Made by exposing the work to the natural elements of Earth, wind, water and fire, her images reflect and become nature.

Nicole feels that by being able to continuously explore freely with her wide set of materials, she re-creates and mimics the mysterious happenings in the natural world, capturing the memory and magic of a place.

Nicole uses a combination of both organic and synthetic materials on wood panel. This ranges from spray paint, foraged Earth pigments, house paint, epoxy resin and collected natural found elements.

The finished work is a hyper-organic atmospheric abstract image under a smooth glossy glass like surface. This mixed media reflects a balance between that which can be control and surrender. This juxtaposition both physically and conceptually represents Nicole’s perspective on adaptation and ultimately, the transformation of our contemporary world both environmentally and spiritually. Nicole thinks of her paintings as topographies- “places” that she hopes will allow for an immediate entry into the contemplative, meditative and mysterious aspect of life and humanness.

Nicole feels it is a great honor to simply be an artist. One of Nicole’s greatest influences and muses in her life and work is music. Nicole was raised in a bohemian household where her mother and father ran a music company. Nicole’s father, Peter Buffett is a composer, her mother was a recording artist, and her Grandmother was a blues/jazz singer. Nicole’s life growing up was full of musicians, artists and thinkers who were and still are at the cutting edge of the creative industry and marketplace.

For Nicole, being an artist is a natural continuation of how she was raised and what she considers to be her family’s lineage. Her Grandfather and Grandmother, Warren & Susan Buffett profoundly inspired and supported Nicole’s development as an artist. Nicole feels that having her Grandparents support and guidance has allowed her to be the success that she is today. Nicole credits her Grandmother’s exposure to Eastern thought and spirituality as a genuine gift that has shaped her way of living and making.

On her free time, Nicole likes hiking, walking in the woods and sitting by the fire drinking tea while listening to her cherished vinyl record collection. She also has an affinity for cooking with her twin sister, beloved family and friends.

In 2010, Nicole was well reviewed and praised by nationally acclaimed SF Chronicle art critic Kenneth Baker for her solo exhibit at the Andrea Schwartz Gallery in San Francisco. In the fall of 2010, Nicole created a customized body of paintings that exhibited in Beijing China, and a secondary large exhibit that followed the summer of 2011. Nicole continues to exhibit and work both nationally across the U.S. and abroad.



1976 in Los Angeles, CA


2004   MFA, San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA

2002   BFA, San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA




2012     The Institute of Noetic Sciences, Petaluma, CA

2011     The Beijing Exhibition Centre, Beijing China

2010     Andrea Schwartz Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2009     B Restaurant, Oakland, CA

2008     Fiveten Studio, Oakland, CA

2007     Drift, Oakland, CA

2006     Digital Domain, Venice, CA

2005     Swallowtail, San Francisco, CA

Hengst, San Francisco, CA

2004     Art Walk, The Brewery, Los Angeles, CA

2003     Buckminster Fuller Benefit Showing, Santa Monica, CA




2012    111 Minna Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2012    ART MRKT , San Francisco, CA

2010    Ever Gold Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Triple Base Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2009    Reform Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2008    Red Dot Art Fair, Miami, FL

2007   Lowe Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

Stellar Somerset Gallery, Palo Alto, CA

FiveTen Design Studio, Oakland, CA

Hotel Des Artes, San Francisco, CA

2005   Lisa Dent Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2004   MFA Graduate Exhibition, Herbst Pavilion, San Francisco, CA

2002   BFA Graduate Exhibition, Walter and McBean Galleries, SFAI


2009-2011    Elected Board member, The San Francisco Art Institute

2008    Awarded JB Blunk Residency Program

2007    Guest Speaker, NPR

2006    Guest Speaker, The Oprah Show

2004   Guest speaker for CCA. Textile Department. San Francisco.

2001   Independent Study/Internship.  Anokhi Textiles. Jaipur, India





Alexandra Bowes, San Francisco, CA

Scott Daggatt, Seattle, WA

Joshua Grodzins, Camden, MA

Bhava Communications, Berkeley, CA

2010   VISA, San Francisco, CA

2009    Dave Hinkleman, New York

2008    Scott Ross, Los Angeles, CA

Anonymous collector, Saudi Arabia

2007    James Haygood. Los Angeles, CA

2006    Heidi Groshelle, San Francisco, CA

Colette Brooks. Los Angeles, CA

Diane Britz-Lotti. New York, NY

Heather Hartle. San Francisco, CA

Jennifer La Macchia. Washington DC

Lori Black. San Francisco, CA

2005    Scott Ross. Los Angeles, CA

Richard Fischer. San Diego, CA

2004    Lisa Ludwig. San Francisco, CA

Alfred Medcalf. Berkeley, CA



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